Macro photography with a disposable camera


[Greg Lipscomb] from DIY Live gave us the heads up on his latest project: Macro photography with a disposable camera. While playing around with the Kodak Max outdoor camera he discovered that the lens was behaving similar to a jewellers loupe that he had. He figured that it could probably take macro shots with some tweaking. He disassembled the camera and then drilled a larger aperture since F11 would have been too small. Then he attached the assembly to the lens from his Canon 10D and fired away. He’s got example pictures on his site; they’re pretty good for something held together by scotch tape.

7 thoughts on “Macro photography with a disposable camera

  1. there’s no film involved here!
    the use of the lens was to actually use on the 10D, Mikie. this is a mod of the lens that uses the lens assy. from the kodak disposable camera.. did you read any of the links or the comment on THIS site?

  2. Or you can just get a reversing ring and any other lense or just do it super ghetto and hold the lens tight on the body backwards (did this successfully with my 350d and kit lens.

  3. You are right Bobby I did not read it properly appoliges. But the title is misleading.

    You can tell why I skimmed it though, an expensive camera like a 10d + substandard results and can’t afford a proper macro lens :)?

    Jims result is far more impressive!

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