16 thoughts on “UV Box For PCB Exposure

  1. I built my own using a normal flourescent light (while it was in my ceiling), a ladder, a cardboard box, some tape, and a transparency with the circuit on it. It works quite nicely if you don’t accidently move it during exposure.

  2. You do not really need this if you live in a “sunny” area on this planet. During Summer in Taiwan, you need at least 15 and better not more than 45 seconds exposure – thanks to our sun. OK, you can not work at night and when it is raining, but in most cases you should be fine. I did this with layouts down to 0.2mm track width…

  3. Does this thing really need a microcontroller? What happened to a 555 timer & variable resistor?

    I built my PCB exposure unit using UV LEDs, because they were cheaper than fluorescent tubes. It pretty much works but the diffusion/polka dot issue is a hassle. I use a couple of layers of tracing paper spaced at different heights away from the LEDs in order to spread it out. I do think fluorescent tubes would probably be easier to work with.

  4. Bah, if you buy the right presensitized PCBs, you don’t even need a special UV exposure lamp. Look here:


    These photo resist pre-sensitized boards are so highly sensitive to UV that you can expose them to regular fluorescent bulbs and have them fully developed in 8 minutes or so. Plus, they are really cheap too!

    You can buy a regular fluorescent lamp fixture and bulbs for less than probably $20 down at Wal-Mart.

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