DD-WRT Running On WRT54G Version 5

With version 5 of the WRT54G, Linksys decided to dump Linux and start using VxWorks. This made buying a WRT a gamble if you wanted one with Linux. DD-WRT recently released a micro version that supports version 5. You’ll need a JTAG cable to install it since very little is known about VxWorks bootloader. Even with this new firmware it’s hard to ignore that the router is underpowered and you’d be better off with something else.

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13 thoughts on “DD-WRT Running On WRT54G Version 5

  1. Seems to me it would be better to make something that more people will buy, even if some (a small minority) will hack it, rather than make something that can’t be hacked that fewer people will buy. I guess Linksys figures that people will buy “the brand name” even if the new version is an inferior product. I’m sure that they won’t reduce the price of the product even though they’ve reduced the performance and features.

  2. For the vast majority (>99.9%) of consumers the new WRT54G performs identically to the others. It is significantly cheaper for linksys to produce, therefore it’s a sound business decision for them. This isn’t some conspiracy to stop hacks.

  3. I understand that 2MB flash/8 MB RAM chips are somewhat cheaper than their 4/16 counterparts, but at the volume Linksys purchases, I doubt it really makes a difference.

    I run OpenWRT(RC3) on my GS and am currently using 1.5MB flash, and 4MB of RAM, with many user programs and admin tools installed. A build without such things could be even smaller. There is no reason the V5 couldn’t run Linux and have the 2/8 configuration. DD-WRT proved this.

    My guess is that it isn’t about preventing hacks, or even the cost of chips, but maintaining the Linux branch for the routers. The official firmware was always behind (i.e. security patches not applied) main tree releases and that paying VxWorks to maintain the OS is probably cheaper than doing it in house. Plus, since its closed source, nobody sees their screw-ups.

  4. >I understand that 2MB flash/8 MB RAM chips
    >are somewhat cheaper than their 4/16
    >counterparts, but at the volume Linksys
    >purchases, I doubt it really makes a

    I think you answered your own question there, mate…. if LS manufacture a run of tens, even hundreds of thousands of these routers and gain a net saving of, say, a dollar on each one, then that amounts to a saving that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide a product that will be essentially identical to 90% of their customer base. It may seem petty, but tiny amounts of cost-shaving can make or break a company.

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