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[Simon Elkrief] was tired of waiting for manufacturers to produce a set Bluetooth stereo speakers so he built his own. Stereo over Bluetooth is handled by the A2DP profile which isn’t very common. Simon had to perform a registry hack to activate it on his HTC Wizard. OS X still doesn’t have support for it. He used the Bluetooth receiver out of a pair of broken Logitech headphones and wired it directly to a set of powered speakers. Now he can stream stereo sound from his phone to the speakers. He plans on developing an even better set in the future.

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  1. I just did this same thing, but to a pair of HP crapx0r headphones, they were cool for about a month, then the back band broke in 3 places. Except on mine I put everything in a small box, and added 2 headphone jacks, and a set of L/R RCA outputs. My headphones are now a universal bluetooth audio bridge, i can rca it to my stereo or walk around with headphones.

    And bluetooth on the T-Mobile MDA, I got a A2DP profile to work with the out of the box model. Kicks so much ass.

    Good work!

  2. Pretty cool, but the problem I have with bluetooth is the range – normally its about the same distance as a small length of wire :)

    I saw an artical about bluedriving – increasing the range of a bluetooth dongle by adding an aerial. Would be interested to know what kind of range people can get and through what mediums – walls etc. post your experiences?

  3. ohhh~~~ is there an equivalent for cellphones with BT?. I’ve been looking around a-bit but havnt found anything as of yet. Worst comes worse, can someone point me towards the cellphone BT SDK’s and I might take a crack at it myself. Thanks.

  4. There are plenty of bluetooth adapters that will allow streaming A2DP audio to a set of speakers. The Scosche UBRH is one of them, which is just the receiving half of the Scosche UBCK ( with a 120v adapter.

    This hack is nice though because it used something that was broken (the headphones) and it is completely wireless since it uses batteries. I’m not sure how big of a market there is yet but I don’t think anyone is making a battery powered set of bluetooth speakers.

  5. I would love to know how you could build a 5.1 BT surround sound systeme, with the satellites powered by alcohol fuel cells if possible. and no wirers between the TV and bass speaker

  6. I would love to know how you could build a 5.1 BT surround sound systeme, with the satellites powered by alcohol fuel cells if possible. and no wirers between the TV and bass speaker

  7. The phone shown is a HTC Wizard. T-Mobile sells this as their MDA. I just recently got one, and the phone is great once you preform some registry hacks. The first few was to show a different icon when your connected to the EDGE network rather than GPRS. Second was the A2DP hack. I have a cab file that will install itself to a out of the box MDA, and will now let you pair a set of headcphones. If anyone has not yet done this to their MDA, e-mail me and I will link you to the cab file. kajer

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