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  1. i believe if you google it yourself, germs, you would find that there’s a lack of decent example projects and information. sure, there’s the thick datasheets from microchip, but they’re almost worthless.

  2. I get the feeling I went to the wrong school. My final project for my microprocessor design class was to make a musical composition program using a keypad and a buzzer. Also, we were using a 68HC11, which is considered legacy. (end rant).

    I really like these projects, I kinda wanna get the code they use to generate the NTSC signal, and adapt it to a PIC.

  3. We are learning pic at school. We use the 458. My friend use the 455 with USB for is final project. He made a wind logger that consume around 7uA at sleep. He shoot all the data via USB.

    I am interested to learn Atmel, they seem nice.

  4. I used the pic HID example from USB complete, and some of the routines from the VB6 code for that proyect.

    they are at usb central, and the book usb complete is a great source for information.


    Check the HID section and search for the
    Microchip PIC18F4550 Generic HID Device Firmware as well as the vb6 code example for the same hid

    If any of you need more information just write me an email jesus.arechiga at gmail d0t c0m

  5. Dear Sir.and…
    I want to have or create a small mircroprocessor
    study and for practice with the mircro processor program . i use to study micro processor . i have seen mircro processor machine for write code into chip and the circuit to design is mot more . but now idon’t have the circuit for design .how can do.
    is someone can help me please help. by send the documents .diagram and software.
    your senscarely

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