Juicebox Digital Picture Frame For Mom

picture frame

[joevennix]’s digital picture frame for Mother’s day is really an update to a previous how-to he wrote. The original shows you how to build a digital photo frame using a Juicebox media player.  His version doesn’t require the MP3 addon (it would make it easier) since he connects the SD card directly to the header. His latest features a much better case and hideaway controls. He admits that he still can’t cut a matte worth a darn.

13 thoughts on “Juicebox Digital Picture Frame For Mom

  1. I had a similar project with an old compaq laptop. The screen was surprisingly bright for a 486, though the color depth was only 256. The screen size was pretty decent compared to the matte.

    How small could the frame around the juicebox be? As pictured, it looks too big.

  2. Nice work.

    I’ve made a few of these frames, but they were all based on laptops or PSone LCDs of 5″ and up.

    I personally wouldn’t bother with anything smaller, since the frame ends up being 3-4 times the size of the screen itself. Old laptops can be found very cheap on eBay, so it makes more sense to use those.

    I’d strongly recommend you give it a go.

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