DDR Whack-a-mole

ddr whack a mole

Drew and Calvin built this DDR whack-a-mole game for their EECS 373 class. It’s powered by a Freescale MPC823. The processor controls eight servos with pictures of their friend Malav. The game runs for 20 seconds and then reports how many Malavs you’ve stepped on. They say that the hardest part of this project was figuring out how to properly read the Playstation DDR pad.

[thanks Ano nym ous]

6 thoughts on “DDR Whack-a-mole

  1. Rush: Kinda hard to use a driver like that when all this is being done with essentially one chip. A chip, I might add, that is not running any sort of OS.

    Ya know, not everything in the world needs to have Linux running behind it to function….

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