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media extender

Hack247 has posted their first project: a portable media center extender. It has a wireless video sender that’s connected to an Xbox running XBMC. The receiver is housed in a box with the popular Sony PSone LCD. The box can transmit remote commands back to the Xbox for full control. It’s a nice bit of kit, but he still needs to build the battery pack.

13 thoughts on “Portable Media Center Extender

  1. Doubtful you’ll be able to buy that.. “running XBMC” might as well read “running illegally compiled software on an illegally hacked console”. It’s a shame though XBMC is easily the best software you can run on an Xbox.

    As for where you can get an PSOne screen… some people just have them laying around for projects like this, I’ve got about 5 of them still in their boxes. I bought out the stock from a local KB Toys when they went out of business… got them for $20 a piece…

  2. i hate first post people, and people like me who bitch about people who made the first post

    cool idea really, but i wonder if there are any problems with heat long term?

  3. well i already have the xbox with xbmc :P

    but the actual media center extension doesnt rely on the xbox or xbmc so they could sell it cuz it could be used with anything that has the correct input

  4. A good idea, would have been alot more usefull if he integrated a RF Controller into the unit, as he could play games on it then aswell, also would be able to use it in any room of his house.

  5. I would imagine this would work with ANYTHING wouldn’t it?

    I get the impression that this is just a box that includes a wireless video receiver, LCD screen, and a UHF based IR repeater. So you could use this to control your cable box or Media Center PC or anything else that outputs a video and is controlled by IR remote.

    As far as I can tell the fact that its being used with an Xbox running XBMC has little to nothing to do with the hack itself.

  6. haha i’m the 12th comment gimp, so suck it and see.
    Yes there’s a good chance it was illegally compiled but hacking your xbox is perfectly legal it all depends what chip you use and if you start messing around with the ms code.
    I use xbmc everyday and this is the best hack i’ve seen for the xbox for a long time

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