Questions For The Podcast / Contest Update

The next podcast is coming… In the meantime, if you want to ask a question in the podcast, record it as a mp3 and email it to podcast [at hackaday dot com]. If you’re wondering, I will do the next edition in mp3 – no more m4a stuff.

Now, to answer a few questions about the Design Challenge.
What kind of circuit should it be?
Anything from a personal massage speed controller to a miniature omelet maker. Whatever you can fit on the board, ok.

Will you extend the deadline?
No. If you want to send us something later, we’ll still take it. [but you’ll be a bit late to win any prizes]

How many entries can we submit?

No limit, but don’t go nuts, ok?

How big can it be?

The board will be credit card dimensions, but a standard thickness (think FR-4 or something) No, we don’t care how big the components are.

Do the components need to be available from somewhere like mouser/digikey?

I’d hope so. We don’t want to have to reclaim parts from sunken Russian submarines to build the circuit.

How can I submit it?

Put it online and send in a tip, or ask where to send it via the tips line. Either way, use the tips line.

9 thoughts on “Questions For The Podcast / Contest Update

  1. Ohhh I am so excited! I have a few ideas. Hopefully I have time…

    I don’t need to have firmware by then do I?

    Is there a cost limit on the BOM? I’m sure you don’t want anything too ridiculous (like a $75 gyro) or something).

    Honestly, I am much more excited about making it then wining a prize. All I really want (if I do it) is a few of my boards (if y’all could comp the parts that would be sweet too).

    Cool. I am so in (as soon as the semester ends).


  2. FR4 is a grade of board, not a thickness. I am thinking of entering but the deadline is too close.. will definately enter the next time around! There should be more of this type of competition on the web!!

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