The Infinite Monkey Cage and General Relativity

If you are British, you probably already know where this is going. For the rest of you, it might help to know that The Infinite Monkey Cage is an odd little show on BBC  Radio 4 (and they’ve been on tour, too). It is the show that asks a question you probably never asked: “What would happen if a physicist and a comedian had a radio show?”

The answer, it turns out, is some science information that is anything but dry. If you are prone to listening to radio programs or podcasts, you might find some interesting tidbits in the Cage. A two-part episode on general relativity was especially interesting although it isn’t exactly like their regular program.

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Questions for the podcast / Contest update

The next podcast is coming… In the meantime, if you want to ask a question in the podcast, record it as a mp3 and email it to podcast [at hackaday dot com]. If you’re wondering, I will do the next edition in mp3 – no more m4a stuff.

Now, to answer a few questions about the Design Challenge.
What kind of circuit should it be?
Anything from a personal massage speed controller to a miniature omelet maker. Whatever you can fit on the board, ok.

Will you extend the deadline?
No. If you want to send us something later, we’ll still take it. [but you’ll be a bit late to win any prizes]

How many entries can we submit?

No limit, but don’t go nuts, ok?

How big can it be?

The board will be credit card dimensions, but a standard thickness (think FR-4 or something) No, we don’t care how big the components are.

Do the components need to be available from somewhere like mouser/digikey?

I’d hope so. We don’t want to have to reclaim parts from sunken Russian submarines to build the circuit.

How can I submit it?

Put it online and send in a tip, or ask where to send it via the tips line. Either way, use the tips line.

Podcast 7

Here’s podcast 7. This is a short review of the last week or so’s favorite hacks. Audacity crashed out after my first recording, so I used Garageband this time – the bonus: you get each hacks images along with the audio. The rss feed is here.

[Yes, I started to recover the files, but it was easier to re-record]

Ben Heck Interview Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Ben. (Or just grab it via the feed) We answer some more questions and go off on a few tangents about cnc machines, the PS3 and part sources. It cuts directly to the interview – I don’t want to wait 6 hours to record it. I should have a regular podcast up in the next day or two.

Ben Heckendorn Interview (Part 1)

Here’s part one of my interview with Ben Heckendorn. Because it’s so long, and I’ve got a cold, I’m breaking it up into a two parter. Check out part 1 here, add the RSS feed to your program of choice, or subscribe to the feed via iTunes.

Ben and I get into most of the questions you guys asked, along with a few tangents. Enjoy!

[The devs are working on the feeds for me, so they’re not quite perfect. yet.]