Snowboard CNC Machine

Happy new year! I think we’ve covered the DIY CNC stuff a plenty, but I can’t resist posting this one. Remember the DIY snowboard? Recently, quite a few small quantity and home builders have cropped up. (I’m even planning to build my first board later this month.) [Mike Magruder] of happy monkey snowboards built a CNC gantry router just for cutting out wooden snowboard cores. The frame is built from structural aluminum (not cheap) with the usual steppers and some gecko drives running the show. The cable guide track and dust collector even make it look like a professional product. [Mike] also built a sweet press, but I’m going to be using vacuum bagging.

10 thoughts on “Snowboard CNC Machine

  1. Is there any reason that there’s no link when I go to the DIY Snowboard? I can’t find the link to see how that was done. I’m using Firefox 2, and I can’t find any link on the page that points to how it is done, etc… Any reason for this?

  2. Say, does anyone know what the name of the material used for structure in the above picture is? I remember there was an entire company that manufactures a bunch of stuff in the same fashion, like a big Erector/KNEX set.. just can’t remember the name. The aluminum bars are what I’m talking about.

  3. I managed to make my own board a few years back. Wasn’t very good quality when I finished it but it did the job while I waited to get a new board.

    Got a Burton Custom at the moment, cost a bit more but its worth it.

    I also still got the board I made but dont use it.

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