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  1. If you buy the iTrip for any iPod you can also use a motorola phone charger to charge it (the iTrip has a mini USB port that matches the L7 charging unit)

    Very handy on long trips (provided you have a car charger)

  2. I think this would apply to nano’s as well, although the article does in fact say Shuffle.

    All he does is plug his Shuffle’s USB cable into it, I don’t see why you can’t plug a nano’s USB cable in as well.

  3. I built a similar device, but for general application.

    I also used a 7805 5V regulator. It can actually use a wide range of power supplies the specs on the 7805 say up to 35V, but I like to have a safety margin for unregulated wall adapters, so I’ll only use up to 30V or so.
    I added a few more options:
    *I used a standard “size M” jack so I can use any standard DC adapter with that tip – its what the general majority of wall-wart powered electronics use.
    -I also made a 1 inch pigtail from a 9V snap to a M plug, so I can power it with a 9V too.
    *I added a full-wave bridge rectifier in front of the regulator, – not to use AC, but to allow me to forget about polarity when finding a wall adapter. – I used one rated for 100V, just to make sure it would handle the current. (yes I know the difference between V and I)
    *There shouldn’t be any ripples from the 7805, but I also added a 100uF electrolytic cap across the output of the IC just in case.
    *As a cosmetic touch (and to tell me power is on) I added a nice blue LED. there’s lots of 4.5V leds out there, just use a 27 Ohm resistor, or use the resistor calculator on http://www.metku.net/index.html?sect=view&n=1&path=mods/ledcalc/index_eng#

    and why have only one USB port? I made mine with a USB and a 1394 port, but two USB ports would be more useful.

    -I’m thinking of building another one of these. perhaps I’ll make a log this time.

  4. Hi All,

    So I have an audio mixer on my motorcycle (K1200R) that puts out 9V. I want to charge my iPod as I listen to it. My question is, do I need a voltage regulator (or DC/DC converter) to take it down to 5V or can the iPod handle the votlage overage?



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