Tripmate Gps Data Logger

This one is fitting – I was just checking out Suunto’s sweet gps data logging watches today. [Steve Cholewiak] sent in his diy GPS data logger. It uses an old DeLorme tripmate – these were serial gps units that ran off of internal batteries. A PIC controller reads the NMEA sentences from the tripmate. Then it stores the track data to an EEPROM. The same serial connection is used to retrieve the data later on. [Steve] did a great job writing this up, the circuit is pretty simple and he’s provided all the information you need to build your own.

7 thoughts on “Tripmate Gps Data Logger

  1. whoops- that’ll teach me to use angle brackets on the internet. my last comment should have read “the items on ebay are still under twenty dollars.” definitely a useful concept, for example replacing the long-abused journey loggers on long-haul commercial trucks. the other stuff on his site is interesting- quite why he electrocutes rum with a flyback i’m not sure, but hey- high voltage + flames = pretty

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