Zune Antenna Extension

[Dyer13] sent in his Zune antenna mod. It’s a simple one, but we haven’t seen too many Zune mods yet. It’s really just a matter of adding more surface area to the transmitter. I’d suggest adding a wire that’s actually tuned to an appropriate wavelength. If you want something with a bit more power, check out this Belkin Tunecase power upgrade.

7 thoughts on “Zune Antenna Extension

  1. I definitely thought he was modding the Zune WiFi antenna. This isn’t technically even a Zune mod. Its a “Zune FM Transmitter” mod. Now, if he modded the antenna that picks UP the FM stations better (on the internal antenna), that would be a Zune mod.
    Maybe this is just showing that the Zune accessories are more fun to mod than the Zune itself.

  2. The point of the mod was to extend the range of the fm transmitter. The original transmitter straight up sucked. Of course it was nowhere near the power and quality of Belkin FM transmitters, but I received this for Christmas, so I might as well work with what I have.

    The antenna for the internal FM receiver in the zune is whatever pair of headphones you have plugged in. They use the ground of the headphone jack for the antenna. I can’t help that people changed the article name to be deceiving. My original name clearly said it was a mod for the fm transmitter.

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