15 thoughts on “Bent 2400 baud modem

  1. Listing to this its an interesting way to use a 56k modem here, but to me the sound its making just hurts my head and it sounds alot like the musical mistakes I make out of Audacity.

  2. I absolutely love all the ingenuity shown in this, and all of the other homebrew circuit bent mods out there, but I would love to see all of this cool hardware in the hands of someone who could really use it to its potential.

  3. I don’t understand the benefit? Versus recording the sounds into a synthesizer? I mean, the old Hayes compatibles were simply controlled by character codes. That way one could feed actual words into the music. Then a WinAmp plugin could demodulate the noise and splash messages across the IPOD and … somehow… we all get RICH!

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