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[Terry] sent in the first of his projects that he’s posted on his site. Having grown up in the midwestern US, I can’t even express how badly I wanted to build one of these puppies when I was a kid. His remote control lawnmower is essentially the bastard child of a three way between a R/C car, a wheelchair and the lawnmower. The radio is interfaced with the control box from a wheelchair, otherwise it’s a good welding project.

Nice work. I’ve one suggestion – a safety circuit that disables the mower if radio control is lost. There are a few devices designed just for R/C projects that’ll do the trick. (Update: ok, there’s a failsafe in the design but I wouldn’t call it optional!)

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  1. You need some sort of failsafe in the event that your children have been shrunk and gotten lost in the lawn and the kid controlling the mower can’t hear your frantic yelling for him to stop the thing.


  2. @5: agreed, I’d love to see this extended as a robotics project on top of the mechanical stuff. Sitting on the porch driving it may be fun but I’d rather sit on the porch with *two* beers in hand and watch it drive itself around…

  3. Put a couple wireless cams on that sucker and hook it to the internet. Charge 50 cents a minute to allow people across the net to mow your lawn for you. Maybe even charge extra to allow them to mow out back where the bunny’s nest is!

  4. This could also be applied by simply modifying the control box, and leaving the chair intact. This could be used to drive patients that are paralyzed from the neck down, mentally unstable, etc. On as larger scale similar methods while replacing the r.c. car remote with a central transmitter and controlling computer. When coupled with radio positioning within the hospital and SONAR, nurses and medical staff could simply select a location for the patient to travel to, and the patient would be automatically conveyed there.

  5. There actually was a remote controlled lawnmower manufactured back in the 70’s. My Dad bought one. But it was wired. And had a round type push mower blade. Which was good for the wires cause you ran over them it didn’t really hurt them to much with that style blade. Most of you won’t remember that there once were lawnmowers without motors. that’s what I mean by “push mower blade”. It was gear driven by the force of you pushing it.

    the remote control powered one was electric and a ton of fun. But very hard to get accurate enough to do perfectly straight lines. It would mow alot of grass and real fast. But guiding the things is just like trying to guide a remote control car in the exact line you need to cover row after row of grass cutting.

    People would stop in the front of the house in amazement. Fun toy. don’t remember what he bought it for or what he did with it.

  6. I don’t see the point of making a remote controlled lawnmower when there are robotic lawnmowers that can run by themself without you controlling them. You can program them to run anytime including nights. They mow the grass for a few hours, then find their docking station to recharge. Prices start at only $1,749 so it’s not that expensive considering all the time you’ll save and never have to buy gas, change spark plugs and etc. Check out

  7. I began the project but still waiting for the v2.0 of the controller. It’s been a long time since the last update on the site (feb 2007). Does the v2.0 exist or everything is aborded?

    thanks in advance and im sorry for my english…

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