3 thoughts on “Solar GPS logger

  1. Lithium Polymer packs in a backpack are a bad idea. Even top quality LiPo cells have a tenancy to explode, and create big fireworks even under the best current management circuitry, cause they’re extremely sensitive to voltage drops. This is why the military, and other high endurance fields stick to NiMH, and other Organic Lithiums.

    LiPo are still the most practical for RC hobbyist’s though especially in the field of Acrobatic thrust driven applications.

    By the way there’s places on the net that show you how to mix certain paints that can be applied to non conductive surfaces to make solar panels if anyone’s interested.

    Also anyone know a good insulating spray to stop condensation in solar panel enclosures that isn’t too bulky? I’ve seen a dark greay spray used on radio equipment enclosures, but I don’t know its name.

  2. Where is the hack? That’s just advertisement! I can only buy these, not build them!
    Condensation? You could either dry the air with silica gel or similar, or, if there is no way around the water, stop condensation by rubbing the inside with concentrated kitchen detergent or use the anti fog spray for glasses.
    And by the way, where are the design challenge winners?

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