Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 Laptop Mk II

I’ve known this was coming for a while. [Ben]’s been working hard on this for a while. He’s built his second Xbox 360 laptop. But this time he’s putting up a three part How-To series on building it for engadget. Here’s a nice gallery of hi-res project pics. As usual, I’ll let you know when they’re posted. Aside from the new color scheme, this one features six fans instead of water cooling – so it should be easier for the how-to reader to construct their own.

17 thoughts on “Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 Laptop Mk II

  1. i’m gonna say it again, this guy deserves some serious recognition.

    it’s work like this that inspires us to greater things, no bs there man.

    If i can’t be buckaroo Banzai when i grow up i would like to be ben heckendorn.

  2. wellll i made a bet that on the next xbox laptop we fond will eather have batteries or i will drink my self until i puke well i stared 15 minuts ago and wellll Y DIDDENT U PUT BATTERY’S IN THAT FUCKING “LAPTOP”

  3. Well it looks nice, if a bit homosexual, but one question; why?

    If you need a laptop, get a laptop, if you want to play games on the move buy a psp.

    Surely the idea of an xbox is a console you can plug into your telly and play on with your mates? A laptop would be shit for that would it not?

    Is this just a case of “I built it because I can” or does it actually have a use?

  4. I’m getting tired of Ben Heckendorn being every other post. If I was rich, and had a ton of free-time, I too would be making awesome mods like these. It’s fun to do, but I don’t tell the world evertime I hack some stupid electronic device. I just getting kinda sick of this stuff. I don’t have enough money to completely gut an XBox 360 and mess around with it. I don’t even have enough to buy one. He could duct tape an NES to a TV and it would be posted here, and engadget, and joystiq. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  5. now that microsoft came out with the qwerty k-board that connects to the gamepad, i’d like to see one without keyboard aka laptop design. also, i’d like to see the monitor to be separate where it could be wired through car or hung on back of seat for instance. this way, monitors could be left installed in car & re-attached to xbox or at the least it makes portable gaming have more options.

  6. i forgot to add that project is very cool. i was just thinking ahead of what could be more useful as a consumer rather than design study. work is beyond me. i just think resourceful people like ‘will o’brien’ or whoever did this project could make money on the side like installation kits, etc. or something the consumer (like me) could purchase from him considering the hrs. put into it.

  7. Hey that’s cool. I would buy that off you if I could. ^_^ I’ve been on this site for a while and I like all the stuff you guys post up for hacks etc. I’m not a hacker myself but, I would love to get into it (I know a bit). I know enough about computers, but more bout art software etc. If any one has time here’s my e-mail

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