Keyless Entry For Your Apartment

[Ryan] sent in his simple but effective keyless entry hack for his apartment. Many shared apartment buildings have doors that allow residents to buzz visitors inside. He interfaced a keyless entry remote with the entry button on his intercom system. Press the button and voila – open sesame. It’s almost a head slapper because it’s such a simple hack, but sometimes those are the best.

14 thoughts on “Keyless Entry For Your Apartment

  1. In my old apartment i wired up a relay to the buzzer.
    when the buzzer went off the relay closed the circuit to the door release.

    Secure? No.
    Convenient? Yes.

    No more standing in the rain or snow trying to get the keys out.

    The board had over 50 buttons on it so the odds that someone would notice it was pretty low.

    As far as i know its still installed. :)

  2. I made something similar 20 years ago out of a VIC-20 and a couple relays. I hooked it up to the intercom so that when you pushed a specific pattery on the button downstairs (i.e. short, long, long, short) it would automatically buzz you in. No remote needed!

  3. you can do the same thing with any solenoid controled lock and a car alarm with a good encrypted remote see the rfid door lock on hackaday and take out the rfid and replace with car alarm + remote

  4. I think this keyless entry is pretty sweet, but keep in mind someone else might have alterior motives when making one, so you still might be better off with old fashioned security, or at least have a gun in your place just in case.

  5. Build something similar, but upgraded it to a system that responds to a specific tune (morse) played on the doorbell =) It uses an AVR and some relays, powered by the doorbell and is housed inside the intercom. A short pulse activates it, while normal use of the doorbell is still posible. Dipswitches give me the option to use any 8 pulse code (choose between long or short). If the code is correct, the door opens for 5 seconds, when wrong, nothing happens. Very conveniant if you forget your keys or they are ‘somewhere’ in your backpack.

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