Case Mod: The Dark Blade – Finally Finished

Case mods aren’t usually enough to make Hack-A-Day, but we all drooled a bit when the Dark Blade started back in 2004. Now, it’s finally finished. Everything on the case was custom machined just for this project. I cropped the base for the shot – check out the full pics in this thread. Thanks to [Jake] for the tip.

20 thoughts on “Case Mod: The Dark Blade – Finally Finished

  1. wow… that thing wasn’t built, it was *hewn*- the amount of parts he makes from blanks and machines down to a part, like making bowling pins from logs :)

    flicking through the photos on the thread, i kept thinking “what on earth is that piece for”, and then “oh no.. he’s not seriously going to…” and then “oh holy crap he is actually going to…”. it’s a shame
    a) his english isn’t perfect, so if (like me) you don’t always recognise a part then working out what it does is tricky, and
    b) you have to dig through a 100+ page thread to find the photos. I think this is pretty much as far away from the definition of hack as you can possibly get.. it’s beautiful :)

  2. you can tell he started getting lazy around page 54 when he used plastic spacers. Custom made, CNC lathed, plastic spacers, but still, there is simply no excuse for not using black anodized aluminum there! :)

  3. alright, is this what hackaday has come to? I don’t visit the site for a full week, and it’s coming down to lame things like case mods? oh, wait. no. It’s not a case mod, its just a case. come on, I want something that’s a HACK, not just a mod.

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