Li-poly Pwm Flashlight

I was looking for some interesting ideas for using lithium polymer cells and stumbled across this diy flashlight. (It’s on geocities, so hit the cache.) Flashlights aren’t usually that interesting, but this one uses a pair of li-poly cells and a PWM signal generated by a pic controller to regulate the power to the lamp using a IRL1404 MOSFET. It still requires an external li-poly charger, but looks like a nice project to get into li-poly and PWM applications.

7 thoughts on “Li-poly Pwm Flashlight

  1. ahh, LiPoly batteries, i do love thier energy output compared to something like a Ni-Cd or just plain lithium cells. also, ATI uses PWM in thier fans, but after AMD bought them, i dont know if they still PWM thier board cooler fans

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