Adding Internal Bluetooth To Your Tablet/laptop

This one reminds me of [sprite_tm]s keyboard light mod. [Jeff] modded a usb bluetooth module and mounted it internally on his tablet. He connected a small circuit to two the the stock buttons to buffer/de-bounce them to allow simultaneous pressing to activate/deactivate the module. (To add a delicious taste of irony, my bluetooth module was flaking on and off while I read and wrote this up.)

7 thoughts on “Adding Internal Bluetooth To Your Tablet/laptop

  1. while the workmanship on the pcb looks excelent, I bet all that could’ve probly been done with a single 12f509 (but then, he did say he just got a new hot air system…)

  2. I would have to say that I don’t agree with the ‘use solvents to take the warranty sticker off, mess with it, and then send it back in when it breaks’ mentality. Maybe it is because I was raised by people that had an education, maybe it is because I am a tool, but pulling stuff like that is what makes it impossible for the rest of us to get coverage.

    In any case, I have a similar problem, with my dell inspiron 600m the enable line for the internal bluetooth module is taped off the status light from the wifi card(only a dell…), so when I run fedora (and the light is used to indicate the status of the link, not just that the card is powered) the bluetooth card is constantly enabled/disabled. But I hate to dig into the new mobo I just put in (since the graphics card on the old one blew out, and it won’t boot anymore).

  3. That’s an excellent problem #2… Classic lazy design. But instead of opening up the case, why don’t you just hack the driver not to blink the LED? That shouldn’t void your warranty, and with an Inspiron, you’ll probably be needing that warranty.

  4. I duno, It’d be one thing if he broke the tablet himself, then sent it back, but I don’t see whats wrong with removing his mods and replacing the stickers if the device breaks for some unrelated reason.

  5. what about rf shielding of case don’t affect bt performance i try to mount same bt module in a evo n410c
    multiport slot and i cant detect bt module is to close to magnesium lcd case.I try inside nb case same problem rf shielding.

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