Dammit We Missed A Day Extra

I finally ponied up for an ev-do card to make sure that I have no excuse for missing a post short of being trapped in a hole by bizzaro superman.

Check out this short video how-to on making your own glow in the dark inkjet ink. via [boing boing]. Probably the best inkjet mod since the diy cd printer.

If you remember the diy ups, you might like the attach a giant battery to a stock ups version. I did this myself years ago. It works well, but use a maintenance free battery to minimize hydrogen off-gassing. In fact, I’d suggest some proper ventilation for the battery pack. Miata batteries have a vent tube if you want to keep the parts count to a minimum. (but they are a bit pricy)

Something a little oldschool – [Alexandre] added a serial port to his newton message pad 2000.(Not in english, but easy enough to understand.)

After seeing the superglue fingerprinting post, [Anton] sent in this fingerprint falsification how-to from the ccc.

14 thoughts on “Dammit We Missed A Day Extra

  1. the glowing printer ink looks like a fake in my opinion, the demo at the end not only glows even in the letterings white areas (remember the glow stuff was mixed with magenta), but is rock steady, while video of the paper in the light was somewhat shakey…

    I’ll belive it when I see it in person

  2. I’ve had a UPS hooked to a couple of big sealed 25ah batteries in my office/workshop for years.
    It originally had little 6.5ah cells in it and as is so common, the original owners found it cheaper to replace the whole unit then just the batteries.
    advantage: me.

    I simply drilled (and grommeted!) a hole for the cables to run out of the case and the batteries sit next to it.

    More than once the power has been out and we’ve had dinner upstairs in here because it had power enough to run the PC with a TV card in it and a lamp as well.

    Over time the capacity of the batteries will fall off, but they are so oversized that there’s a little headroom for that.

  3. Ok, I just don’t buy the glowing ink. Mostly because the particulate size of the glow powder would block most inkjet nozzles today. Not a chance that it would even print much of an image let alone a glow in the dark one.

    Just my quarter-byte’s worth.

  4. @1: I agree, that would be much more ideal, and you don’t need an expensive inverter. plus, able to be more efficient and have less emi, without all the switching losses/noise of the inverter.

    in fact, that’s quite a good idea!

  5. Phil, sure it can be read there. As I said (unfortunately in portuguese, I had no time to translate the site to english) the original info is there. But since there is not enough detail, I took some more detailed photos, with the pin number guide for the connector. I hope this info helps someone! I’d like to invite you all to take a look at my site, there aren’t many english articles but the photos are great! Many brazilian items there. Greetings from Brazil!

  6. I would like to know more about this hydrogen off-gassing. I have been using a 400 amp lead acid battery for 6 months or better in my ups. The circuit board of the ups and the battery are attached to the inside of an old E-Machine Computer case.

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