Build Your Own Multitouch Display

Remember reactable? (Or the iphone interface) As I recall, there were some comments noting build difficulties. [Gil]let me know about a nice how-to on building your own multitouch display. It’s not a reactable, but it’ll probably easier to re-create on your own. It looks like it was probably written by the tinkerit guy(s).

10 thoughts on “Build Your Own Multitouch Display

  1. Oh, come on! Not another fucking instructable post. Might as well post everything that instructables has. Show some actual originality, instead of posting everything from the same site a thousand times, or things from sister sites.

  2. Do you religiously follow ever single post to instructables, thats right neither do i, it is far to much a waist of time shifting through the shat and the good.

    Thanks for will for giving info from all source instead to those people with the time to hack and create their own website which might be over run when posted to this site.

  3. Instructables is terrible. it takes forever and a day to load, the pages all forgo useful information for those shitty picture things. Its the realm of people who don’t understand simple web design, but still want to share their “super k00l” projects with their h4x0r friends. and really, a simple page thrown together in notepad by a middle schooler would be far, far superior. I’d much rather get hit by a bus then look at one more project on isntructables.

  4. Im not to fond of instructables for hacks either, but thats only because instructables are formated for step by step instructions, and don’t lend themselves to documenting projects very well.

    As to whether or not HAD should link instructables, I agree, no one in their right mind keep up to date on them, so… why not link to the ones worth reading?

  5. If hackaday doesn’t post things that are more unique it will continue its descent. This hack was all over the net, why look here for it? And plastic molds as well as vacuum bike pumps are pretty useless crap too. Where are all the cool projects? I started to not look at hackaday often because the blog of Make has much more useful stuff and not just a single crappy hack a day.

  6. Instead of using 88 IR LEDS and having it touchable by anyone walking by could one build a glove interface ( kinda like minority report ) or even like a pen with an IR LED in it … i know you would get the whole refracted light thing but im sure the LED would still shine through

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