Emailing Typewriter

This innocent typewriter was modded to act as a keyboard and typewriter. The idea is to remove the computer interface from the process, giving a user the ability to interact via email but avoid computer frustrations. (The idea came from the creators mothers frustration with computers) Thanks to [BBCmicro] for sending it it.

16 thoughts on “Emailing Typewriter

  1. It would have been infinitely easier if they used an IBM Selectric typewriter. It already has a rs232 port on the back for usage as a teletype. All you would have to do is write the software.

  2. I just do not understand those who can not adapt to using e mail. I know the governor of New Mexico does not even have a public e mail address and spends mega tax dollars on receiving/sorting through snail mail. Nifty teletype mod though.

  3. Too bad many of these mods are undocumented (how to build, sources, etc.) and it’s even useless for the person it was designed for, since she can’t read the answers, only send e-mails. And as it was noted on the site, she can’t use the scrollbar, so can’t read e-mails on computers either. Of course easier (without interesting hardware hack) would be for her a software package, which scans automatically the typed paper with a scanner, can OCR it, and send the e-mail automatically, and in reverse, print the incoming e-mails with some printer (of course heavy spamfilter would be needed).

    I would be more interested in some inverse hacks (is there any?), to mod an electric typewriter to be a fast, simple (and cheap to refill) matrix printer. Probably the electronics and the custom driver wouldn’t be an extremely big challenge, paper feed would be.

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