Mecha Turbo Crazy Coffee Roaster

I’m a wee bit of a coffee geek. This roaster was built by [farmroast]. It’s a highly modified of version of the roaster that I’ve been using for the last year or so. A convection oven up top provides the primary heat source, while the beans are spun around in the roast chamber below. A pair of thermocouples let you know what’s going on inside the chamber. When the roast is done, pop the top, dump the beans into the drawer, and a fan mounted below cools them to room temperature in about a minute. It was put up for a home roaster building contest – You might be interested in the other entries.

I hope the coffee wars at defcon are this interesting.

20 thoughts on “Mecha Turbo Crazy Coffee Roaster

  1. well i must say this sight has gone to the dogs coffee roasting for god sake.i have been reading the posts for a while now and i must say very stale and unimaginative. this site should be calld wackaday.a right load of shite

  2. Steve, go blow it out your bunghole, you’ve been a troll on this site since day #1. I thought you were banned.

    The coffee hacks don’t interest me either, but if nobody is submitting anything better, I can’t blame them, and I’m sure it’s interesting to some people.

  3. There are a disproportionate number of coffee hacks, thats for sure.

    idk, I guess its because im more of a mix and microwave kind of guy.

    (the single bean roaster was pretty funny none the less)

  4. Hey look! Steve is back! Hey steve, what’s your ip address (in dotted-quad, please)

    Anyway, coffee’s alright as a hack. I’ll try and do a hack or two worthy of hackaday this coming week and submit it. Any ideas?

  5. Let’s hope something heavy falls on ol’ steve, shall we?
    He hasn’t submitted _a thing_ that wasn’t him crying about someone else’s work, so screw him.

    Hacks are hacks.
    snobbery is the lowest form of criticism, especially when it’s merely about the subject and not pertaining to anything specific about the project.

    I for one welcome our coffee hacking overlords, and ask only that they pass the cream.

  6. I close on my house tomorrow. One of my plans now that I have the space to do it in is to start roasting my own coffee. A hack like this is down the road but I can see it on the horizon.

  7. yeah, it’s a “coffee hack” I guess, but is it not still a cool hack? I mean, even if you’re not very interested in coffee, the idea is pretty neat, no?

    course, could be bias, cause I’m kind of a coffee geek too.

  8. I personally love the coffee roasting hacks. Right along next to the PSP hacks, the Wiimote hacks… Just because you don’t use/have/own/do these things that get posted here doesn’t mean they aren’t useful or enlightening. Who knows? Maybe the next coffee roasting hack will inspire an astronomy geek to mod his telescope with digital tracking, and find a new comet.

  9. Okay. I like coffee. A lot. These hacks interest me. If it didn’t, I WOULDN’T BE READING IT! (taking notes, stevo?) btw, grammar is a beautiful thing, as is punctuation. learn them. please? (again, taking notes, steve?) That is all. Well done, Hack-a-day, for submitting stuff for everybody, not just the computer geek (although, that i am, as well.)

  10. @steve
    your kind is not allowed here, you f*$@’n chikin$^!t.. this place is to showcase each other’s knowledge and criticize in the nicest possible manner.. you and your snobby kinds,scram..

    wow.. a coffee machine..
    the specs are interesting.. and i need coffee for my projects.. xD
    problem is there’s no such machine in our country..

  11. @Steve, you’re a jerk, a dick, a knob, a twat (any more names neccessary?). Leave us alone, We’re here to appreciate stuff that’s been hacked the hell out of. Leave us alone, nobody likes you, go walk out in front of traffic, and don’t darken this website again. Thank you.

    Lol, a flash roast coffee roaster. i could do with one of them. People who themselves do stuff liek this could do with a lot of coffee, quickly. Nice momento.

  12. “Get a a fucking life”…

    lol, your one to talk. As if you could look down on us while you yourself continue to hang around a site you claim to hate, doing nothing but complaining like a whiny child.

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