The Defcon Badge

I made it over to pre-registration earlier and scored my badge. It’s a pretty interesting piece of work by [kingpin]. It’s got 95 SMD leds forming a matrix display. The top and bottom icons on the badge are touch sensitive buttons. It’s got selectable modes, programmable text scrolling, a pre-set POV mode and adjustable scrolling speed.

Update: I started digging through the CD they’re handing out at registration and found the schematics, BOM, layout, everything. I’ll have it posted as soon as it finishes uploading over my evdo connection. The board has provisions for wireless, 3 axis accelerometer, serial interface and it’s using a Freescale QF16 processor. (I tried looking up the chip number earlier, but utterly failed)

Update 2: I’m putting interesting defcon files up here. All the badge info I have is online. I noticed a confidentiality notice on one of the files, I’m assuming that it’s ok to distribute since they’re distributing this freely on the conference CD. If I hear otherwise, I’ll have to pull it.

23 thoughts on “The Defcon Badge

  1. Its open source free and for use to remake and use…. but the schematics and boards (id love to print my own) are PDF files how does one make a board from a PDF?

    Also a PDF that is password protected from ANYTHING but looking at it and printing it….

    Would love some EAGLE Cad files all ready know a few things id love to change and modify to make a whole new one :)

  2. I am glad everyone liked the badges we made for Defcon 15 as well as last years badges. If you have questions on how to create a unique item from a PDF or anything else that has to do with PC boards please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks

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