Shirts Are Gone, But We’ve Got Stickers

I’m pretty happy with our skybox event. [Eliot] and I’ve both got a good pile of stickers to give away, so ask us if you want ’em. It was great turn out for all the shirts we gave out. Thanks to [Eliot]s g-string water bottle, we raised $263 for the EFF. [Eliot]’s heading to CCC later, so hit him up for stickers while he’s across the pond.

78 thoughts on “Shirts Are Gone, But We’ve Got Stickers

  1. ive finely gota new laptop and time to brake it in I WANNA STICKER (you wouldent happen to be in ocean city MD some time this week would you :-)

    u gota make a deal with jinx

  2. I want a sticker. Please please please with cream and sugar and a cherry on the top.

    P.S. Want to know how many amps it takes to make a 1/4 watt resistor glow bright orange? I don’t know, and I’m not doing it again.

  3. I really want a sticker or two, could not find you guys on the defcon floor. so now I am pleading to meet with you before you leave. I am in rm 926 in the Mediterranean tower.

  4. i re-request a sticker. i will have you know i intend on placing it on my 97′ vw golf and driving it around charlotte NC USA.

    a few extra would be nice as i can distribute them as needed.

  5. Good Sirs or Madames:

    I want a sticker badly, more so than any other person who has commented so far. If you could fulfill my request, I would be ecstatic.

    Also an autograph would be very cool; I would likely wet my pants.

  6. I’d like some stickers, but I have no way to get any. How about setting up a “Send X dollars to us and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Address blah blah, expect them in 2-3 weeks.”

    That would be nice.

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