DIY Plasma Gun

[Richard] took another shot at his battery powered tesla coils. He sent in his latest hand held plasma gun. He modified his battery powered tesla coil to work as a handheld. He added a large copper pad to the drill handle to couple the RF ground to the human torch holding it.. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of tesla lately, but who here wouldn’t want one? (Maybe the guy in the server room…)

All the parts needed are listed – just be sure you fully understand everything before you get into this one.

12 thoughts on “DIY Plasma Gun

  1. This really is a bad idea, just because you can’t feel RF doesn’t mean that it is slowly cooking your veins as you pump 70w of RF energy into your body… Let me tell you, RF burns are not fun.

    Also, there is no way in hell that his coil is running at 500mhz, did he mean 500khz? (which sounds a little low). The 1/4wavelength for 500mhz is about 5″, so unless his secondary is a solid block of copper…

  2. Just be careful… telsa coils actually produce radiation… I wouldnt want to be exposed to that.

    Just look at the way Tesa and most of his associates died…

    Being blasted with x-rays just because it looks cool can really be a bad decision.

  3. Tesla Coils do not produce X-ray radiation. Especially when they are small and battery powered like this one.
    X-rays are produced by the rapid velocity change of electrons when they smash into something. This is known as Bremsstrahlung or braking radiation. For this to occur the electrons must be accelerated to high velocity inside a vacuum before they are allowed to hit a metal surface. Electrons do not reach sufficient velocity to create X-rays in a TC.

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