Asus Eee PC Trace Hunting

There isn’t anything hacked into it yet, but [tnkgrl] spent some time hunting around her Eee PC for some handy hackable extras. I’d been ignoring them, but now I want one. Oh yes, I do. Hit the writeup for details, but [tnkgrl] identified some semi un-used USB connections, an accessible 5v supply and a spare mini-pcie slot that seems to disable the SSD when it’s in use. The currently unusable mini-pci slot is actually pretty intriguing.

16 thoughts on “Asus Eee PC Trace Hunting

  1. I think I need one of these two. I’m wondering how well it would work if I soldered a USB connection to one of those unused ports then added a WD Passport for a real live HDD. Oh the possiblilites………..

  2. I am so tempted to get one of these things and case mod it with a wider keyboard, move the trackpad up to the side of the display, and add a serious battery pack that could run it at least 12 hours. That would make it about the same width and weight as a normal laptop, still considerably shorter (especially nice when the dude in front of you on the airplane reclines his seat), and most of all give it enough battery life not to be a constant nuisance.

  3. We’re purchasing these for every student at my school next year. I have two evaluation units and they are wonderful to play with. I’m currently working on a custom OS image to try and make them more “school” ready.

  4. It seems to me that there is probably enough room in the case for a small BT adaptor plugged into a usb lead and the other end soldered to the pins on the back of one of the usb sockets. Am I missing something or would this work?

  5. Regarding my comment above, I appreciate that if the BT adaptor was drawing current from the usb socket it would mean twice as much current was being drawn if something external was also plugged into the socket, but how does this differ from an unpowered usb hub?

    I have an unpowered hub on my laptop using two devices and it can support up to 4 devices. The other end is plugged into a usb socket. There are no problems with this.

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