Real Robots From Movie Designs

Thanks to Star Wars, Plenty of people have built their own R2 units. Pixar’s next movie has been running trailers for a while, and there’s already a group(free membership required) devoted to building real versions of the SGI robot star: WALL-E. I guess I’ll have to call it reverse-forward engineering. WALL-E has some interesting design ideas – it compacts trash into cubes, but it can also retract its treads into the same compacting area. (Pictured is a WALL-E style waste cube, by [Jawa Lunk]) Thanks to [Shannon] deserves the credit for turning me onto this one.

12 thoughts on “Real Robots From Movie Designs

  1. I tried to get follow the link and was denied an account. Boo on that.

    Please post if you had the same experience, I hope that they make a public site to share their work. It sounds cool…

  2. Lunk sorry for denied access!

    No one told Lunk he on Hack-a-day! Over 160 requests to join come all at once!

    Everyone can join free!

    You can see other droids I am building at

    I am working on an AI R2-D2 and a working EG-6.

    If you were unintentionally denied access, PLEASE go back and try again!

    LUNK sorry. Next time someone tell Lunk what going on!

    Jawa’s are people too :)

  3. The site is public, but you can’t go to a Google Group if you do not have a Google Account, which is also free.

    Yahoo Groups do the same thing.

    As far as being denied, go to the site, sign up and your in. There is no verification process or anything, that has been removed because of the indiscriminate denials which were taking place.

    You shouldn’t have a problem now.

    Jawa Lunk

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