Rio Receiver SLIMP3 Emulator

[Roo] sent this in, and it took me a few minutes to see what’s so interested about a deprecated digital audio player. The Rio Receiver originally sold for about $350. Today it’s a dead product, but thanks to some software mods, it can be hacked to acquire the abilities of the SLIMP3(A.K.A. Squeezebox) player. So score one of these puppies on ebay and thanks to a combination of a modified kernel for the player and some software on a linux box, you you turn that old Rio Receiver into a SLIMP3 emulator.

10 thoughts on “Rio Receiver SLIMP3 Emulator

  1. Nice hack.. it’s good to see that there’s a way around having an old 386 chugging away just to play music..


    Does this mod allow for streaming of Pandora radio stations? That has been my main interest as far as the Squeezebox is concerned.. I’ve been praying that someone will come up with an open source option for their hardware (but then, they wouldn’t have a marketable product now would they?)

  2. In response to #4..

    Like many others, the sound card on a laptop just doesn’t cut it when it comes to good quality audio.. they weren’t meant to produce good sound (take a look at the specs for the squeeze box.. 24 bid burr-brown ADCs are top notch when it comes to digital audio reproduction)..

    Besides.. the laptop-stereo connection has already been done.. (not to be an ass)

    But, if the laptop’s what you have.. then go for it..

  3. It would be a lot easier to buy a Turtle beach audiotron and quit messing with crappy mp3 devices that need server software.

    It blows my mind how all these devices are leaps backwards.

  4. Price? ‘Leaps backwards’ aren’t always economical..

    You either have two things.. time or money. Usually, when you have one, you don’t have the other..

    Searching on ebay brings up several prices for these things used, however.. where’s the learning in using an ‘off-the-shelf’ product? (even if it IS outdated)

    There are other limits as well.. how do you upgrade one of these to use a larger drive? What if the firmware won’t support it? Then you have to hack it anyways..

    Besides, server based devices are usually attractive because most of us already have a netowrk in place..

  5. Ummm… the Turtle Beach AudioTron is also no longer in production as far as I can tell, and also requires server software. So much for not taking leaps backwards.

    Now if only someone would write a new firmware for the Philips Streamium MC-i200 internet enabled stereo. That would really make my day.

    Thanks for pointing out this hack. I just bought one of these because of it.

  6. The Rio Receiver is a nice alternative for a small CD player with stereo speaker connections. The Turtle Beach Audiotron (RIP) requires no server side software, it can access NAS options so no computer needs to run 24/7. The Rio is limited (with stock software) to around 6,000 songs and the Audiotron is limited to around 33,000. They are both nice devices within their limitations and as far as I am concerned, the Audiotron has never been matched for ease of use. My old Audiotron would run 24/7 for months at a time without a hiccup streaming from a Linksys NSLU2 NAS box. I have yet to get any newer device to run as smoothly. I use a Rio in my bedroom as a nightstand player -my wife uses it mostly when she is doing her yoga. Sadly, my Audiotron died after several years of fine service and since I bought it on clearance for $115 it was one of the best electronic devices I have ever had the pleasure to own.

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