Loooong Weekend Extra

It’s been one long holiday weekend for me. I’ve got a few interesting tidbits on the tips line, and it’s time to clear em out. (Thanks to my Father in Law who came to visit and re-painted my kitchen while I hauled no less than 800 lbs of scrap lumber from my driveway)

If you’re a Nintendo DS fiend, you might dig this app that [xfiles.fan] sent in. It’s an IP based clone of the DS’s built in chat program. The upshot is that you can chat with anyone on the internet. (I just use IRC, but this is good if you can’t get to a server.)

[Aaron] sent in the lastest version of his olympus E10 remote cable. Good for those shots that require some distance or just hands free to eliminate the shakes.

[theprojectmaker] has an interesting writeup on making water color effects on digital photos using analog (post printing) techniques. It looks like you can do some things that even PhotoShop can’t accomplish, since you’re not limited by the pixel.

[Dean] sent in his aluminum iBook picture frame after he noticed a mention in our Laptop HackIt asking for it.

4 thoughts on “Loooong Weekend Extra

  1. Crap, the remote cable does not work for the E-500 even thou it has the same cables. :(
    I was hoping that would be easer to build for an trigger for my time lapse project. Off to buy a cheap rm1 remote to wire to my stamp chip. :/

  2. Good ‘ol 3M scratch pads (3 colors: green, brown, white.. looks like a thin brillo pad) work best for polishing aluminum. If you’ve taken good care of the material and it’s not terribly scratched then it’ll turn out ok. Start with either brown or green and then go to white.. Usually the coarse stuff is enough..

    If you have access to a glass beading cabinet (similar to sand blasting) then this will also produce a very nice satin finish. Wash all finger prints off with soap and hot water. Lacquer to protect surface.

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