Friday I Want A Ball Pit Extra

[rmunroe] of the notorious xkcd made his own ball pit. I’m now completely, totally jealous.

[-] sent in this Commadore 64 Guitar Hero project.

[Jock] sent in this uh, marriage of a Wiimote and a rocking horse. It’s actually a great idea if you’ve got a kid and some duct tape handy.

[warthox] sent in this XBox 360 tilt controller project. These have been popping up a bit, but you might like this one. The board is all surface mount, and was routed to make the prototype. I kind-of like the surface pads that were used to mount the wires to avoid doing thru hole mounts.

We’ve been digging the EeePC – [Paul] wrote up his tricks to get Ubuntu working on the thing.

[Jock] sent in this huge set of music hacks. Mostly circuit bent, but they make for interesting reading.

9 thoughts on “Friday I Want A Ball Pit Extra

  1. mcdonald’s heist.
    how do you steal 400 cubic feet of balls in under three and a half minutes?
    “we don’t have the manpower.”
    “can’t be done.”
    “is that a cheezburger at the bottom?”

    the little ninja guy is the only way. everybody else exceeds the height limit. [fast forward] they caught us. damn. jk roflmao we can has balls! [fast forward] woohoo! heehee! yay! and ronda mcdonald chooses me!

    awesome ball pit is awesome.
    i’d love to see my plus-sized cat figure that one out…

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