Day O’ Guitar Hero Mods (with A Bonus)

I’ve already gotten a pile of tips on Guitar Hero controllers today, so here we go. The first one is already making the rounds. [Mark] replaced strummer with a touchscreen LCD and a magnetic switch. [Mark]s ultimate goal is to add some optical sensing and make the guitar self playing. For details, hit the acidmods thread or just watch the proof of concept demo.

[Johan] sent in the second controller of the day, and it’s probably my favorite for guitar bling. The original mushy switches were replaced with micro-switches and CNC milled replacement buttons. Each button is individually lit with LEDs and a cold cathode lights up translucent panel in the body. A PIC controller controls the lights and provides some input options for button tapping. The video is actually pretty entertaining to watch.

For a little bonus, check out [Mastershake916]’s cast Hack-A-Day pendant.

20 thoughts on “Day O’ Guitar Hero Mods (with A Bonus)

  1. LAME

    Retards who play Guitar Hero are just LAME.

    I’ve got an idea – How about playing a real Guitar !!!

    Do you remember the game – Simon?
    Thats what Guitar Hero really is – Simon on a stick.


    Come on guys – grow up.
    Play a real Guitar ……..

  2. Whatever dude, I have been playing “real” guitar for 3 years now. I still enjoy playing a round or two of Guitar Hero when at my friends house. It’s not the same thing, but it is still fun.

    I actually think playing it has improved my timing playing “real” guitar.

  3. As a guitar player myself of…around 10 years?…I gotta say, the people that play guitar hero as just a game are fine…but some of them act like it’s an instrument, and that being good at guitar hero means they would be awesome with a real guitar. Those are the ones that piss me off.
    And just for the record, I totally suck at guitar hero…though I’ve only played it once or twice. I’m not much of a gamer.

  4. I completely agree with urza. I’ve been playing guitar for about ten years now as well, and I have no problem with the game. In fact, I’m thinking about buying GH3 for the PC tomorrow. The only problem I have is with people who think their “skills” are comparable to that of a serious guitar player. It’s not the same thing at all, and nobody is impressed that you can play Buckethead on expert level. I will say, though, that GH3 can indeed help you develop dexterity, which can certainly transfer to more-practical skills, such as guitar playing.

    That said, cool hax.

  5. i agree with tesseract. i’m a brass musician, and i’ve been wanting to take up guitar for a while (i even got my mom to give me her old alvarez dreadnought), but my fingers just don’t have the strength or dexterity to fret comfortably. i picked up guitar hero 3 for my wii after playing it a few times and realizing that i could probably use it as a fun way to work on moving my fingers independently, build up some strength, and finally start practicing guitar on a regular basis once i feel more comfortable with my fingers.

  6. worst hack ever. no reason for it, just plain dumb doesn’t do anything or accomplish anything. no i’m not one of those “learn to play a real guitar” guys either. it’s a game, but this hack is beyond idiotic. the lit guitar is better in both construction and functionality, that one should have made headlines.

    but yeah that lcd one is just plain stupid. how about this for the next hack, put a floppy drive in it, that would be just as useful

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