Hack-upgrade Your Magellan GPS

[dgoeken] sent in his Magellan 3100 hack. The device runs Windows CE 5.0, and mounts as a standard flash drive. Since everything is easily accessible, it’s just a matter of replacing and modifying the appropriate files. According to the GpsPassion message board, some are finding his guide useful for other models of Magellan GPS. So far he’s added a file manager, media player and upgraded the Points of Interest file. The site is slightly bandwidth challenged, so I’ve mirrored his hack process here.

11 thoughts on “Hack-upgrade Your Magellan GPS

  1. GPSPassion has this kind of stuff for a lot of the GPS units that run WinCE. Though quite a bit of it is only available in French. I used their guide for the ViaMichelin X-930 though it doesn’t make much sense on that unit as its very memory constrained. (The software that ships on it has crashed about 4 times for me.) Adding BananaPC and other apps makes it almost unusable with the ViaMichelin software. If only I could get the SirfStar to respond to other applications I’d use some other gps package on it.

  2. Now this rocks. Real hacking done on a budget device (These were going for $99.00 around town during black friday) to make it do more things.

    I just wish he found a hack to remove the stupid legal disclaimer crap they have every time you boot it.

    Very cool the updating the POI database to be larger than the tomtom database. glad I snagged a copy before the second file was taken down.

  3. what we need now is a soft keyboard install and drivers for an sd bluetooth card. also i am about to hack my 3100 does anyone know if active sync works with it? i was also thinking about riging up and external 1/8 headphone jack so i could plug this into my car head unit via input. just some ideas i had while i was reading this.

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