IPhone Serial Access Tutorial

[TheRain] sent in his tutorial on using the iPhone’s serial port. Apparently there’s a hardware trick required to enable two way communication. Whatever device is attached to the iPhone needs a secret handshake to get things talking both ways. Once the serial ground has been strobed high to low in the proper order, things will work like normal.

17 thoughts on “IPhone Serial Access Tutorial

  1. Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know if there’s a way to circumvent the idiotic block on video out on iPod classics? I’m using a dock breakout box to make my own super-dock, and obviously I don’t have access to apple’s autorization chip to unlock the video out.

  2. How about a device for the touch that adds bluetooth, a gsm phone, a camera, and a mic. They could call it… The iPhone!

    Hey, some of that could actually work. Now I want one for my touch.

  3. someone has already made a mic dock for the touch, and intends to use it for VoIP through WiFi, brilliant, if you ask me, some people are always near a wifi network, so why pay for cell service?

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