AVR LED Game Project

[David]’s been building his own game platform based on an ATMega chip and an eight by eight LED matrix. Looks like he’s used the project as an excuse to get familiar with eagle and doing his own PC board design. Even if the game doesn’t really interest you, future project designs can probably benefit from his roadmap.

No Laser? Get Your Laptop Etched For Free!

Want to get your laptop custom etched… for free? During the next couple of months, I’ll be giving away some free etching sessions. How do you get one? Just submit a fresh new hack via the tips line. If it makes the cut and gets published, you’ve got a chance to get your laptop or gadget etched in this 45 watt epilog laser cutter. Here are a few guidelines to help you win:

  1. Make sure it’s fresh. Use google for 10 seconds to make sure it hasn’t been published on a major blog already.
  2. Make sure it’s got a picture – everybody likes a good visual aid.
  3. You’ll be more likely to win if you’re submitting your own work.

Good luck!