8 thoughts on “Teach Your Robots To Cook

  1. so the robot recognises the object and then reproduces the motion on that object? it is impressive. but i dont know if i would call it a chief. this is a good demonstration of an easy to program interface but over all i am left with a wanting for more.

  2. Oh crud. If this thing gets developed any further, I might just end up being out of a job!

    Maybe I should look further into this programming a robot to cook technology and capitalize on it before it capitalizes on me….

  3. Not terribly impressed. Look at the long version. The user signals to the robot at the beginning and end of each task while “learning”. All the robot is doing is recording proprioceptive input (the movement of its arm) and reproducing it when a certain symbols is seen.

    It isn’t even intelligent about its mimicking. The robot knocks over the bowl during the long version and it keeps on repeating the motion, despite a lack of a bowl.

    Nothing new or interesting here.

  4. I, for one, welcome our new extremely cute omelette-cooking robot overlord. I love how its eyes follow the motion of the egg whisk, and it celebrates after learning a task :)

    “stupid robot! mamma mia”

  5. Really cool but I think maybe an android might not be the best configuration for the task at hand if you just want a robot to make you breakfast.
    This is more a demonstration of a robot learning by example.
    But if having one cook breakfast is the end goal it would be easier just to make an assembly line type robot system of specialized robots one that grabs the ingredients, one that mixes and one that cooks it.
    Also lastly maybe the ingredient fetching bot also could load the dirty dishes into the dish washer.

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