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It’s Memorial Day in the US, so we thought we’d put together a collection of links we’ve covered in the past that might help you celebrate.

The Apu 3000 is one of the finer examples of drug use leading to carpentry. It’s a 4 gallon frozen margarita machine built out of a garbage disposal. A new garbage disposal. We don’t have the time here to speculate on what sort chemical dangers you may expose yourself to by constructing this though.

Continuing the trend of throwing horsepower at problems is the gas powered blender. It’s good for people that love a refreshing beverage while inhaling the fumes of 2-stroke engines.

We’ve covered a couple peltier based cooling projects in the past too. The first was a can cooler for the desktop. The second involved snaking a CAT5 cable across the yard to power a mug.

Back in 2005, Hackaday regular [evan] sent in his BASIC Stamp controlled kegerator. It’s very reliable and way cheaper than a commercial unit.

We’re closing on a sad note: It seems the instructions for making Guinness beersicles have fallen offline, again. From what we remember, you throw the can in the freezer till it reaches a thick slush stage. Then, release the gas so it forms a head in the can. Pierce the bottom of the can and insert the stick. Return the can to the freezer and let it freeze solid.

9 thoughts on “Beverage Hacks

  1. i was thinking of using an atmel chip to do a vari-temp freezer. i managed to find this quite awesome freezer in the trash! just like the guy who made the kegerator has, only free. only problem is that it can only freeze, and i dont know what temp its ever set at, so in comes the avr

  2. The beersicle recipe I remember was basically “pour the glass of guiness. Saran wrap over the top. Fork or stick through. Freeze”

    I seem to recall it being really simple, but I never tried myself.

  3. that blender has to be deafening to use. I think 400ci is a bit overkill for 25 gallons though. I guess if you have a spare small block laying around though, why not make tasty drinks with it.

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