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Guessing games are fun, especially when unnamed hardware and prizes are involved. [bunnie] holds a Name that Ware contest on his blog once a month; he posts an image of hardware components like the PCB above (which is May’s mystery ware) and asks visitors to try to guess the machine it came from or at least its function. Aside from the prizes he gives out, winners get the most coveted of all rewards: bragging rights. He’s been running the monthly contest for quite some time and it’s not always PCBs; past wares have included this micron thickness guage (internal) and an xray of a crystal oscillator.

22 thoughts on “Name That Ware

  1. man why dont you all lay off so what its not a hack live with it its there web page they can do whatever the fuck they want hell i like this i need a way to find shut that i dident know about and i have used hackaday for years so back the fuck off
    and i dont wanna hear no smart mouth fucker making fun of my spelling and grammar if you wanna be a jackass go punch an old lady

  2. I agree with alex. I’m tired of hearing people bitch about having interesting not-hacks, especially if they’d only investigate further they’d probably have fun. Not to mention the crucial skill of hackers software and hardware alike, being able to identify parts with limited information and then being able to implement that knowledge to actually do the hacks these people so desire.

    And if you’re one of the ones bitching, why don’t you submit something? Go hit your monitor with a hammer and build something out of the parts, that’d solve both problems.

  3. i agree with “not a hack” and at the same time with “alex mccown”
    i miss the old hackaday. but swearing or trolling is not the way to sort it out.
    and (alex mccown) down with spelling !!!!! :)


  4. christ alex, are you daft? you need a way to find shit like this? there are hundreds of places that are dedicated to showing you random tech shit that aren’t called hackaday. try digg tech, or hackedgadgets, or hacknmod, or engadget, or any other blog like that. they should be able to fill your desire to “find new shut”

    until recently hackaday was the only place you could come to find articles that are always technical projects that i could attempt. i’m glad so many of you are happy to see more articles, but stuff like this and iphone and random projects that are only for purchase do not fit the feel that was previously created here.

  5. I see a simple solution to this. We need a full view and a classic view.

    The full view pulls up everything posted.

    The classic view only pulls up one hack post each day(perhaps mini-extras).

    Some days I only have time to pull up and checkout one hack. Other days I have way too much time on my hands and look through the comments.

  6. Well, it has a DRAM chip and some sort of freescale micro controller on it. Looks like its part of some type of hand held computer. Might be a phone, if there is an entire board missing, though I don’t see any RF components or shielding. I’m going to lean towards a palm or some kind of organizer.

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