LAMP On Ubuntu

Download Squad’s [Kristin Shoemaker] has just published part 2 of their guide to web development using Linux. This time around they’re installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. It’s a straight forward process under Ubuntu since you just need to select the few packages in Synaptic. Once installed, she shows you how to poke at Apache to verify that it’s running. They finish up by installing phpMyAdmin and the WordPress CMS.

Having a web server installed is useful for more than just development work. Many open source tools have a simple web based interface you’ll be able to access through your local web server.

8 thoughts on “LAMP On Ubuntu

  1. How is installing a web server considered a hack?
    It’s very very basic stuff, especially considering it uses a package manager to handle all the dependencies for you.

  2. I don’t usually join choruses, especially on sites that have been great about supporting my work in the past, but I’m gonna voice some actual worry here. Seriously guys, what the hell. LAMP?

    This is really getting sad, but the way of blogs these days seems to be rich content getting mixed with completely useless filler posts. I hope someone kicked up your per post pay really high for this, but I really don’t understand the sudden expansion to GizMakeDotGadget formatting. Do One Thing Well doesn’t have to just apply to unix utilities.

    Anyways, thanks for pointing out the daily feed, which I am now switching to.

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