XB Browser For Anonymous Browsing

Download Squad highlighted the xB Browser today. It’s a product offered by XeroBank and is the successor to the TorPark project. The browser anonymizes your browsing using the Tor network and doesn’t remember passwords, sites visited, or any other personal information. Scripts and plugins are disallowed by default, since they could be used to identify you. Remember that Tor just anonymizes; you’re still at the mercy of the exit nodes when it comes to security.

That’s just the free version though. Subscribers to XeroBank have access to an anonymous mail server and VPN service. If you’re a subscriber your bowser session is tunneled through XeroBank’s pool of servers and not the Tor network. We think they should have maintained a separate product name since this distinction isn’t clear outside of the FAQ.

8 thoughts on “XB Browser For Anonymous Browsing

  1. I dunno… seems like subscribing to a commercial service might defeat the purpose.

    I don’t see what’s so bad about using a rexx script to download the html and then open it in arachne, with the computer offline. seems like plugins and whatnot would have no danger if the computer is offline.

    In my opinion, it’s overkill. But us nerds like overkill, don’t we?

  2. I tried this product once but uninstalled it pretty much immediately because it has a serious problem with it. For whatever reason I cannot use it to browse hidden Tor services. I don’t know if it is a problem with the program or a “feature” they included to keep people from getting confused but for me it pretty much ruins the program for me.

  3. RT (Panzer Time!), you’re assuming that the only reason to browse anonymous is for reading static pages. Personally I would think it’s far more useful for those wishing to contribute content to site anonymously. I know I was formerly a staff member of a site that I didn’t want people to track back to me. It’s quite difficult to manage live content through static page downloads.

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