Add A Second Internal Hard Drive To Your Laptop

[Andrew] sent in something we’ve been considering for our 17 inch Dell. He squeezed a 100GB PATA notebook drive into the spare space in his Compaq laptop. He used a USB interface to provide the connection and added a toggle switch to conserve power when he doesn’t need the drive spun up. The mod would be even nicer if you added a keyboard activation switch like [sprite_tm]’s keyboard light.

17 thoughts on “Add A Second Internal Hard Drive To Your Laptop

  1. My 17″ HP laptop already has a second hard drive bay so I can add a new drive if I need to. This is a good idea for laptops that don’t have a second bay though.

  2. That switch is kind of a second left foot, a smaller low profile unit may have been a better bet. You’d think that big one would get caught and stuff taking it in and out of the brief case.

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