TB-303 Teardown

Flickr member and owner of awesome stuff [Firegroove] brought us a teardown of a Roland TR-909 drum machine before, and now he brings us a new photoset of a TB-303 synth teardown. The machines comprise two thirds of the holy trinity of 80’s electronic music machines, so look after the break for more photos.

Here we see the main board with several knobs and switches still attached.

This is the underside of the board. Enjoy this photoset, because getting your hands on a TR-303 is nearly impossible. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to live a 303-free existence. Check out [Ladyada]’s TR-303 clone, the x0xb0x. You can purchase the DIY board from the site and get your synth-on now.

[via Matrixsynth ]

4 thoughts on “TB-303 Teardown

  1. I have a 303 which needs some work (power short of some kind…) but I’m afraid to take it to a local electronics repair place and can’t seem to locate anyone in the US who specializes in vintage synth repair. Pleaes mail me at wrothermel@hotmail.com with any tips…
    thanks in advance

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