Xbox 360 Controller Remixed For Optimized FPS Play

[F00 f00] of Acidmods was not satisfied with his first-person shooter gaming experience, so he modded an Xbox 360 controller so that A, B, X and Y buttons are on the underside of the controller, on the inside edges of the wings where the player’s fingertips usually go. He also moved the right thumbstick up a bit so that it would be level with the left one. He designed it to improve his ability to play first person shooters, but the advantages go beyond one genre of game. The right thumb is free to remain on the right thumbstick, and the colored buttons can be pressed by four fingers instead of just the right thumb. We love this mod for it’s simplicity and effectiveness, and we’re eagerly awaiting the internal photos he promised.

[via BB Gadgets]

13 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Controller Remixed For Optimized FPS Play

  1. The 360 controller was near perfect before, and I think the gentleman here has closed the gap. I’ve always felt that there is a lot of finger-wasting going on in normal controllers…

    Also, I can’t get over how clean that mod is. Well done, in all ways!

  2. Wow, This looks pretty great. I’ve head of people playing with their fingers on the buttons as is but this is a nice change. I think I want to see something done with the D-Pad so Gears of War weapon changes would be easier.

  3. that’s very cool! I might try that out, but my main problem with the xbox controller is just using a thumbstick to aim. using a mouse just feels so much more natural to me.

  4. snorkle256: There is actually a fix you can do whereby you shave the surrounding edge of the dpad down with a dremel, to give the dpad a little more play. It’s quite a simple mod, you don’t even need a dremel, however you do need a special torx bit in order to remove the screws on the casing (if you notice there is a little prong in the middle of the screw head)

    On topic, I’m also surprised at how clean the mod is, must have taken a lot of work to get it looking that smooth.

  5. Yes it’s nice, but how about a trackball controller mod? If the XFPS mouse and keyboard adapter is possible, why not a trackball to replace the right analog stick? Just think how that would change things for the better. Real 1:1 360 degree freedom. Will someone please do a working trackball design or at least explain to me why it wouldn’t work.

  6. klatu is right GIVE ME A TRACKBALL 360 controls i really really want one dam ps2 gets one why wont someone make it i wish i knew stuff i would make one but if i did it would be stuck together with duct tape and soldered with foil lol

  7. Yes, track ball for the right analog stick. A thumb stick just doesn’t give you the finesse of a mouse. You don’t get the fine control that a trackball can give and you can quickly flick the ball to turn around. Something you can’t really do with the thumb stick. If you’ve noticed, weapons with slow moving projectiles have really gone down on consoles, because it’s so hard to lead the target with the stick. Most games have some form of stickiness to make the thumb stick seem to work better. Anyway, I’d love it if you could turn that into a diy project for us:)

  8. i love this controler but i would of put all 4 of the buttons on the back. with ur setup its nice but u still need to take ur thumbs off the joysticks to push 2 of the buttons.

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