Hack A Day Is Still Hiring

We’ve added a handful of contributors in the last couple months, which you can see in our new How-Tos. We’re still looking for people to contribute daily posts and help expand the site though.

This is a paid, freelancing position that requires professionalism, consistency, and reliability. We want to hear from people that are passionate about software/hardware hacking and growing Hack a Day. To apply, send the following to jobs@hackaday.com

  • A short bio about yourself
  • 3 example daily posts written in the style of Hack a Day
  • 3 software or hardware how-tos you’d like to see. For examples of work we’ve done in the past, look here, here, here, and here.
  • A couple sentences on how you would improve the site either through features or content
  • Any additional reasons why you would make a good fit for Hack a Day

Do not send any attachments. Having your own blog you can show off is a definite plus.


6 thoughts on “Hack A Day Is Still Hiring

  1. And please no more spam, or non-hacks. please keep it relavent and with the true Hack-A-Day style. I know i am not the only one sick of some of the things on here. I also don’t think i can take more than 5 hacks a day. I am glad you are deciding to grow but don’t kill your self. Please


  2. >Well the last time this went around I sent an e-mail >with pretty much everything asked for but never heard >back :( what gives?

    i can’t recall ever having seen anyone getting a public response from had. i have sent in many tips, never even received an acknowledgment. afik juan is a poorly programmed rss feed scraper.

  3. the search may be over! Caleb Kraft is a new name posting things.

    Oh ya, well I’ll build my own blog. With hookers, and blackjack. Actually forget the blackjack and the hookers. Just forget the whole thing.

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