Eee PC Tablet Build

OCAU member [Bismar] was in the market for an e-book reader, but all of his commercial options were too expensive. He decided to build one himself, and what he came up with is the Tabeee MK1, an e-book reader made from a 7″ Eee PC, a touchscreen, and a custom case.

The project is far from completion, still in the midst of its first objective: building the case. [Bismar] cut an old Lian Li case for the aluminum base, then made sure the motherboard from the Eee fit properly. The next major step was bending and cutting an acrylic sheet to form the exterior of the case. He hit a few snags bending the sheet, but forum members offered some ideas on how to do this effectively. The project is still rolling along, and we’ll be sure to show you the Tabeee MK1 when it is finished.

6 thoughts on “Eee PC Tablet Build

  1. I would of thought I would have been easier to add a touch screen to the eee pc and change the monitor hing to one of those flipy turny ones that can twist and fold back down ontop of the keyboard

  2. I think this is a very good project, although I would have probably looked to use a different casing idea. (not that i’m particular good at modding)

    The problem with modding EEEPC hardware is the battery design is very unusual in how it’s curved, looks like this guy did really well.

  3. I’m sorry for being cynical but I doubt the endproduct is (much) cheaper than a real ebook reader, and yet the screen will be LCD not e-inkt so it doesn’t make much sense to me, apart from the sense of achievement and the uniqueness.

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