BBS On A Commodore 64

[Lief Bloomquist] was in need of some geeky nostalgia. He thought making a BBS server on a Commodore 64 would fill that need perfectly. He used a PC running some routing software to make the BBS server available over the net, without any long distance charges. Anyone with an Internet connection can telnet to the BBS and join the fun.

[Jason Scott] made BBS: the Documentary. He has interviewed [Lief] and taken some pictures of the set up. You can view them, as well as download a PowerPoint about the project here.

[thanks HighNoon]

32 thoughts on “BBS On A Commodore 64

  1. This is very cool but I have seen this before. What I wonder is if it might be possible to hack VICE or MESS to directly support telnet in place of the modem?
    That way you could just run it on any Linux box in emulation.
    Not as cools as a real C64 but a little more practical.

  2. Awesome. I was born in 1986 and kind of missed this period of technology. It was going on around me, but by the time I had an interest it was all about the internet. Sometimes I wish I had been born earlier so I could have experienced that.

    1. LOL 300 baud… I remember going to sleep when I started a game downloading and waking up to see it still had a few hours left LOL I was psyched when I finally got my 1200 baud.

  3. Gee.. 300 baud was great compared, to what we had before, which was nothing. I admit using 300 baud today, wouldn’t be near the fun as cruising around in a Model A would be. However if 300 baud became the only option again, I’d use it for what it can be used for.

  4. Great idea. It brings back a lot of memories for me. I ran a C64 BBS for over 3 years back in the ’80s. I remember waiting for the first 300baud modem to come out for the C64. Then I upgraded to a 1200baud modem when they came out. Then a 2400baud modem. I still have the 2400baud modem.

    But I can’t seem to get into your BBS. It only sends me…. “We’re under attack! Good luck with that, whoever you are. ;-)”

    I’m not trying to hack it. I’m just trying to connect.

  5. I’ve read this one eons ago. It’s not just Commidoink %] 64s that have those special connections between serial port of said computer and an ethernet port. That BBS documentary DVD came out almost two years ago. Was fascinated by it myself since I’m way old school I guess – I actually ran a BBS from 1987 to about 1996. On Atari machines. Hence the Commidoink reference.

  6. I started a site where we talk about old and current BBS, chat servers, other “pre-web” technology, etc.. if anybody wants to check it out.

    Just put it up recently, so it isn’t too busy yet, but hopefully the word will get out there and it will be a great place where people can see what systems are currently running (BBS, DDial, STS, GTalk, etc), buy/sell/trade “nostalgic” hardware and software, reminisce about old systems and maybe run into a few old friends. Also going to be distributing my linkable chat server software via the site within the next few months if anyone is interested in running a ddial-like chat server and being part of our network!

  7. The memories haunt me sometimes, in a good way. I ran a CNet c64 BBS for a few years at the ripe old age of 14. I wound up friends with some other sysop’s in my county. After a while I discovered music,cars and girls and left it all behind. I’d go back to those days of phreaking into party lines in a second. I always smile when I think of those days. –=l8r=–.

  8. Wow Murph’s story is nearly identical to mine. I ran a C-Net DS-2 BBS in northern IL in the late 80’s. Bought a 67 Camaro, then came the girls, and there was no more time for the BBS. It makes me sad though. It was awesome going to sleep and having all the disk drive lights start going nuts because someone was on. Just bought a C-128 again, but can’t see much call for a BBS. Stupid internet. Still have the Camaro, can’t get the chicks anymore though.

    1. This post is a few years old, so I’m 99.9% sure you’ll never see this, but I also ran a CNet BBS on a C64 for a couple years in the late 80s in northern Illinois… Mine was called The Rogues Gallery. Should you happen to see this and that sounds familiar, e-mail me:


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