Create Your Own Playlist Hosting Service With Opentape

While Muxtape takes a breather to resolve an issue with the RIAA, Lifehacker has a step by step guide on installing and running Opentape, an open source PHP web application that’s similar to Muxtape. Take matters into your own hands and create your own version of playlist hosting heaven. Since Opentape is open source, you can adapt it and make it an even better application. Maybe your creation will be even more popular than Muxtape… and will lead to the same problems with the RIAA.

3 thoughts on “Create Your Own Playlist Hosting Service With Opentape

  1. So… the RIAA should just write a webcrawler to search for the ironic donotremove comment in the HTML, query whois for the contact info, then generate a form letter to them and their ISP, plus an email to the RIAA lawyerdogs, completely auto-magically.

    Actually, I may write that for them myself! … do they hire outside muscle?

  2. mixtape/code/welcome.php //password reset
    rename shell.php –> shell.php.mp3

    No, but seriously, their upload script only checks to make sure the files you upload have .mp3 as the extension, and with the added ability to go right to the password reset page, I’ll be skipping this until they secure it a bit better :)

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